Comfortable Futons in Ventura, CA


A Quality and Durable Futon Frame Should:

  • Be made out of quality wood to stand up to years of use. At Couch Potato, the woods used to construct our futon frames are oak and rubberwood. Both of these are strong, durable and remarkable wood. The rubberwood is environmentally friendly wood as it comes from plantation trees that have already served a useful function. The wood is harvested after the rubber trees have completed the latex producing cycle, 25-30 years.
  • Be environmentally friendly: The wood is harvested from a renewable source
  • Stable construction: These 2 hardwoods result in strong and stable construction.
  • Be easy to operate: Couch Potato's futon frames all have a conversion mechanism (from sitting position to sleeping position) that operates smoothly and easily. One type of conversion system is called a “wall hugger” which is a space saver.
  • Be appealing to the eye: The futon frame of your choice should have style, comfort, and give you assurance that it enhances in your home.
  • Be able to accommodate limited wall space: Couch Potato offers a particular style futon frame that is called a “split”. This is ideal for a room that has limited wall space.
  • Be priced affordably. Couch Potato provides customers a variety of prices based on style and size.
Metal futon frames are also available. Although not as reliable as wooden frames, they are attractively priced, starting at $149.00.

Here are a few of the 100s of frames available in twin full and queen sizes. Come in and let us help find your ideal futon sleep system.

Futon Frame Inventory

For more information about our products please contact us at 805-641-1612.