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When purchasing a futon, think of it as a “system”, consisting of 3 parts.

Futon Frame
Futon Mattress
A mattress cover

Futon frames are mostly wooden, providing durability. There are those futon frames made of metal which results in a less expensive cost to the consumer. Futons are available in a variety sizes: twin, full, or queen.

Wooden frames provide the consumer a variety of finishes, designs  and creativity. The designs of futon frames may include contemporary style, mission, arts and craft, oriental influence, and others. You decide and choose your favorite!

Futon mattresses are designed at various price points and comfort levels. Some mattresses include only cotton batting, some include micro foam for added support or an innerspring system. Others offer pocket coils that more closely resemble the typical bed mattress. Memory foam futon mattresses are also available. For the consumer who prefers a more natural and more chemical-free sleep environment, there are futon mattresses that are designed with cotton, natural latex, and wool.

Most futon mattresses are designed with a black cotton blend fabric for the outer “skin”. The consumer who wishes to coordinate the futon with a specific décor in the home or room, or specific color scheme, a vast variety of futon mattress covers are available!

A futon system can fit any décor, color scheme, style, size, and price point!