Bean bag chairs? Are you serious? Yes! At Couch Potato we take them seriously. While you may picture bean bags as a trend of the 70's, like everything else, they have come back in style!
For kids, bean bags are fun, comfy for flopping and cozy, and now consumers have become educated on just how beneficial bean bag chairs are to physical and mental health.

Simply put, bean bags are the specific pieces of furniture that you can literally drop, drag, flop or set yourself down with grace and style! And when you do any of these, you're surrounded with comfort. Were you aware that some doctors recommend bean bags to some patients? Bean bags conform to your body and cradle your spine and can even result in improved posture. Decorating your home for tranquility and harmony may be as simple as adding a bean bag to your home thus promoting comfort.

There are studies suggesting that by promoting relaxation, bean bag chairs can actually decrease depression and emotional tension. Better posture while sitting in a bean bag chair may relieve headaches. In fact, a number of psychiatrists and physicians are now adding bean bags to their clinics and offices to assist in internal healing!
Come choose the right bean bag for you; they are designed in various shapes, sizes, fabrics, and fillings. We look forward to welcoming you at the Couch Potato


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